Technical Proposal for the San Marcos Beach Rehabilitation Project, Icod de los Vinos

This proposal is governed by operational criteria

Criteria relating to visual impact and achieving harmony with the natural setting, namely: the view of the horizon must be maintained, materials used must blend with the surroundings and a preference for natural sand (obtained from existing sandbanks on the seabed).

Criteria relating to the fitness for purpose and improvement of the current state of the site, improvements to the fishing quay and a reduction in the present intensity of the wave action.

This proposal guarantees that the shore will be returned to its normal state, with natural sand being obtained and remaining permanently across the entire area of the beach.

Over the present sandy beach

1,850 m2 at High Tide / 2,750 m2 at Low Tide

We will create a surface of approximately 5,987 m2 at high tide and 8,699 m2 at low tide, as illustrated by the infograph..

Under this proposal, the area of dry sand will be increased to at least 3 times that occupied by the present beach.


The creation of a wave-reduction slope and a breakwater on the beach. Below are details of the technical study measures evaluated by technical experts in this field:


Completion of a wave-reducing slope (breakwater) in front of the fishing quay enclosing wall and the steps providing access to the sea.

Completion of a breakwater roughly parallel to the shore on the western side of the beach.

Supplying the beach with sand dredged from the sandbanks close by.


  • Resurfacing the area with durable materials.
  • Refreshing the area with a modern aesthetic appropriate to the urban landscape.
  • Renewal of the water supply and waste systems.
  • Installation of new pipelines.
  • Improvements to the flight of steps providing access to the beach from the promenade.
  • Demolition of the balustrade, gardens and railing along the walk and in the local area.
  • Bringing all elements into line with regulations and improving safety.
  • Improving and making access to the facilities compliant with accessibility standards.
  • Installation of a lift and access platforms to the coast.
  • Improvement of all elements to achieve a quality urban space.

A model is the coast of Radazul, Tenerife.

Your opinion is important to us. We all want to contribute to the improvement of the San Marcos area; we would like to hear all your suggestions.

Please let us have your views.

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